Bedfordshire Family History Society

PO Box 214, Bedford MK42 9RX
Patron: Dr Colin R Chapman MA, CEng, CSci, CChem, FEI, FNucI, FRSC, FRSH, FSG
President: Pamela Birch
Registered Charity Number 281677


Future Meetings and Events

Please note: doors open 7 pm, meetings start at 7:30 pm

1 Feb 2019 The Great Exhibition of 1915 Michael Simmonds
1 Mar 2019 Up With The Lark Agricultural Labourers Ian Waller
5 Apr 2019 How Far Did Your Ancestors Travel Before The Advent of the Railways Celia Heritage
3 May 2019 Bedlam and Mental Health Colin Oakes
7 Jun 2019 AGM & Quiz  
5 Jul 2019 The Rise Fall and Rise Again of The Cardington Airships David Fowler
6 Sep 2019 From Eric The Bald To Nigel De Aubigny: Bedfordshire and The Doomesday Book Brian Kerr
4 Oct 2019 Spanish Flu Pandemic in Bedford And Beyond Maurice Nicholson
1 Nov 2019 Legal Records for Genealogists Dr Nick Barratt
6 Dec 2019    
10 Jan 2020
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7 Feb 2020    
6 Mar 2020    



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